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Nkwenti Davidson Achu, one of two receiving the 2009 Distinguished Alumni honor, was a student at North from 1976-1978. He is a man deeply committed to making a difference for the people of his homeland.

Nkwenti spent two years at North, then transfered to Oregon State University where he graduated from its pharmacy program.? With the education he received in the States, he returned to Bamenda, Cameroon, Africa, and served his community not only with the pharmacy he established there, but also in traveling to conferences around the world delivering papers on his work and on the status of health and diabetes in his nation and Africa.? Now Nkwenti is helping his people as one of his nation's top health officials.

Nkwenti arrived in the United States as a young man, speaking very little English, with all the inspiration and determination it would require to complete the course of study in pharmacy.? The field of pharmacy became his passion.

*It all started when an herb doctor in his village had wrongly prescribed medicine for a patient who had died as a result, and so Nkwenti's family, who had not wanted him to study abroad, decided he could do just that.

Nkwenti's success and worthy contributions have kept him focused and committed over these many years.? Nkwenti is receiving the 2009 Distinguished Alumni honor because he has been an inspiration not only to our faculty and staff, but to our students; in particular he reflects the possibilities of accomplishment and honor that await others who seek to improve our world through their work and the education they have received in many fields from our college.

"No student I've known has carried forth more love and gratitude for this school than this man," says retired North English instructor Marilyn Smith.? "He and his family have remained in touch for more than thirty years."