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What's Showing on Movie Marvels!

Watch Professor Fred's Movie Marvels, Fridays at 9pm and Midnight and Saturdays at 3pm on SCCtv - Comcast and Wave Broadband and to the world via live simulcast at!!!

Professor Fred and Continuing Education

Movie Marvel's Professor Fred is a huge fan of Continuing Education Courses at the Seattle Colleges!  Find out more about what's offered. 

Watch In the Dungeon THIS WEEKEND!!!

 Watch In the Dungeon with Professor Fred! immediately after each showing of Movie Marvels (Fridays at 9PM and Midnight, Saturdays at 3PM).


SCCtv's Professor Fred on Radio!

Professor Fred, of SCCtv Movie Marvels fame, visited KUOW's radio studios Thursday, February 12...

Movie Marvels

Find out more about Professor Fred's Movie Marvels and a schedule of upcoming "Read more!"