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Books at the Berkshire features local authors discussing their new works. Taped monthly before a live audience at the Berkshire Grill in Seattle's Northgate neighborhood, Books at the Berkshire offers an in-depth look at a book and insightful conversation with its author. The program is hosted, in turn, by Walter Hudsick, Director of the Loft Writing Center and Marilyn Smith Layton, faculty, English and Humanities at North Seattle Community College. Books at the Berkshire is supported by the Berkshire Grill, SCCtv as well as many other local businesses and individuals.
Jonathan Raban
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BOOK: Waxwings
AUTHOR: Jonathan Raban

Host Marilyn Smith Layton talks with internationally celebrated guest Jonathan Raban, who has made Seattle his home since 1989. Mr. Rabana prolific award-winning writer, editor, reviewer, and playwrighthas traveled extensively from his native England to distant places around the globe. Describing the challenges of living as a writer in this fraught era, Mr. Raban shares his compelling insights and analyses about the places he's been and the work he does. Waxwingshis latest book and second novelis set in Seattle and has been adapted by Book-It Repertory Theatre for the stage.
Richard Glaubman
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BOOK: Life Is So Good
AUTHOR: Richard Glaubman

Host Marilyn Smith Layton talks with Richard Glaubman, author of Life Is So Goodthe story of George Dawson, who told the story of his long life to Mr. Glaubman when he was 101. Living in Texas, Mr. Dawson, the grandson of slaves, made national news when he learned to read at age ninety-eight. This collaborative book reflects the power of story not only through the life of George Dawson but also in the life of Richard Glaubman. Mr. Glaubman explains the history of his relationship with Dawson and the challenges they faced, coming from such diverse backgrounds. Glaubman also tells the story of how he managed to combine the writing of this book and the travel it entailed with teaching elementary school on the Olympic peninsula in Washington State. 
Helen Thayer
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BOOK: Three Among the Wolves
AUTHOR: Helen Thayer

Host Marilyn Smith Layton talks with Helen Thayer, named by National Geographic as one of the great explorers of the twentieth century, about her most recent book, Three Among the Wolves. Spending most of a year observing wolves in the Yukon Territory and the Arctic, Helen Thayer, her husband Bill, and their beloved dog Charlie observed wolf families closely, bringing the lessons they learned to our audience and to their ongoing Adventure Classroom in which they share their experiences with millions of children. A lifetime of braving conditions beyond imaginable endurance, Helen Thayer inspires people of all ages with her determination and achievements.
Kathrine Beck
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BOOK:Opal: A life of Enchantment, Mystery, and Madness
AUTHOR:Kathrine Beck

Host Walter Hudsick talks with author Kathrine Beck about her new book Opal: A Life of Enchantment, Mystery, and Madness. Beck, a Northwest native and successful mystery writer, investigates the life of Opal Whitely, a celebrated author and diarist who came of age almost a century ago. Beck follows the twists and turns of Whitely's controversial - and some say dubious - history as a purported member of French nobility switched at birth with a child in Cottage Grove, a spiritual nature-lover, a literary sensation, an early twentieth-century media darling and a twenty-first century internet phenomenon. Beck explores the puzzles of Whitely's life with clear-eyed wit and canny humor. 
Lis Wiehl
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BOOK: Winning Every Time: How to Use the Skills of a Lawyer in the Trials of Your Life.
AUTHOR: Lis Wiehl

Host Walter Hudsick talks with University of Washington law professor and Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl about her new book Winning Every Time: Using the Skills of a Lawyer in the Trials of your Life. Wiehl presents an eight-step plan that shows how to use the logical and verbal approaches of trial lawyers in everyday situations: on the job, as a parent, as a consumer, and more. Wiehl demonstrates how techniques such as having a clear objective (Theory of the Case), doing your homework (Discovery), and staying focused (Avoid the Seven Deadly Spins) have served her in the halls of cable newscasting and as a single mom.
Timothy Egan
BOOK: The Winemaker's Daughter
AUTHOR: Timothy Egan

Host Marilyn Smith Layton talks with New York Times national enterprise reporter Timothy Egan about his fourth book and first novel, The Winemaker's Daughter. Mr. Egan, winner of a Pulitzer Prize for his exploration of how race is lived in America, speaks about his year of preparation for that work. He also describes living in Italy for a year with his family and the influences that its culture had on him in the novel he wrote. A native of the Pacific Northwest, he shares his passion for this region and its future.

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BOOK: Seeking Civility: Common Courtesy and the Common Law
AUTHORS: George Jarecke and Nancy Plant

Host Walter Hudsick talks with Bainbridge Island authors and attorneys George Jarecke and Nancy Plant about the increasing lack of civility in society today. In their new book Seeking Civility: Common Courtesy and the Common Law the authors highlight current trends of incivility and link them to historical context through vignettes of actual cases addressing assault, battery, trespass, nuisance and other forms of misbehavior. This spirited discussion focuses on these sources of outbursts in our society and how formal laws as well as common courtesies can provide solutions.