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Visit the minds and studios. Get inspired! ART WORK (formerly Artists Express) is a rare visit to the human side of the art. Individual artists allow SCCTV cameras, and often an artist-host, in to their working studios while they're in the middle of building on an idea. Entering the artist's work space during a transition in their art, we get inside information about the problem solving process and the pragmatic muse. We find out where they've been, where they're going and often what they're going to do to get unstuck'. These are conversations often shared only with other artists, so pull up a stool, and prepare to have an opinion.

Linda Beaumont

It's likely you've walked on, gazed at and been inspired by her work, without knowing it. Linda Beaumont designs and orchestrates monumental works of art that are incorporated in to the architecture of public spaces. Over the last 3 years, Linda has focused on the King County Courthouse, creating a breathtaking floor and inspirational message. Our cameras were there for the installation. WATCH

Zhi Lin

His work draws you in, one face at a time. Once wandering the 12 x 7 foot images, you become party to the hauntingly beautiful, and unquestionably brutal scenes. You can not turn away.

"Five Capital Executions in China" is Artist Zhi Lin's request that we remain aware of our potential for cruelty to one the hope we can change a cicious cycle. The artist is as layered as his work, and in a rare visit to his studio, Billy King asks Zhi Lin to share thoughts about this monumental vision of public and politics. WATCH

33 Fainting Spells

33 FAINTING SPELLS: A rare visit with Dayna Hanson and Gaelen Hanson, the multi-layered dance theater team. Choreographer Pat Graney talks with the courageously talented duo in the nail-biting three week period prior to the premiere of their newest work, "Our Little Sunbeam." 2004. WATCH

Darrius Willrich, Musician

DARRIUS WILLRICH He learned to play the piano by ear on a tiny portable keyboard - got a classical jazz degree from Cornish and is working at adding new elements of hip pop to his sound. Composer, singer, keyboard artist and inventive producer, Darrius Willrich is on a solo roll. Playwright/Actress, Tawnya Pettiford- Wates catches up with multi-talented artist at his computer. 2004 WATCH

Fred Bassetti
FRED BASSETTI It's hard to turn around in Seattle and not see a building influenced by the hand of Architect Fred Bassetti - the Federal Building, Woodland Park Zoo, Key Tower and Pike Place Market... to name a few. What's not as obvious are the influences of his thoughts about space, structure and the Northwest mind-set. Billy King talks with Fred about the intangible elements of his work. 2004  WATCH
Bill Engelhart
"LITTLE BILL" ENGELHART An undeniable Northwest rock legend, Bill Englehart, founder and front man for "Little Bill and the Blue Notes" has a colorful, soul persistent career spanning over 40 years. Vocalist and rock solid bassist, Bill tells stories about his life and the growth of rock in the northwest in an original Rich McAdams documentary. 2003 WATCH
Masami Koda
Glass, fire and elements of the earth - work as equals in Masami Koda's fragile, but brave sculptures. A Japanese born artist, her Buddhist traditions seem to provide a sixth sense about what lies beneath the surface. We visit her studio as she prepares for a new show.  WATCH
David Boxley
An internationally recognized Indian artist, David Boxley has spent the last 30 years focused on resurrecting the culture of his native people. His personal quest and artistic vision have helped young and old alike embrace the art, the dance, the music - the essence of being Tsimshian.  WATCH
Post Alley
Two Post Alley Artists share their visions of how to preserve and animate the Market's unique pedestrian pathway. "...embrace the indigenous, the weeds, the happy stance, the boogie woogie of the city"-BUSTER SIMPSON "...put in the art, put in commerce, try to create a European style oasis."-Billy King.  WATCH
Seattle Symphony Musicians
Backstage conversation with Principal Bassoonist, Seth Krimsky and Principal Harpist, Valerie Muzzolini. Host: Billy King June 2003  WATCH
Charles Krafft
Twisted kitsch master or ideologic genius? A vistit to Krafft's ceramic studio, as he prepares to launch his new endeavor: sponeware. Host: Billy King April 2003  WATCH
Marita Dingus
An artist of noble intent and resourceful means - Marita Dingus creates stories and sculptures from discarded materials. "I use discarded materials because I see people of African descent as being used during the institution of slavery and then discarded." She takes us on a rare tour of her studio sharing new messages of survival and personal growth. 2003  WATCH
Mary Randlett
Leading northwest photographer, art documentarian, and visual poet, Randlett shares her quest for beauty and the challenge of archiving her life's work. February 2003  WATCH
Iole Alessandrini
Experimental designer of light, space and digital media, architecturally trained Alessandrini talks about her reseach and move from temporary to permanent installations. Host: Billy King February 2003  WATCH
Sound sculptor, composer, inventor, master of the "new" in music. A short tour of Trimpsin' studio in the midst of preparations for a nine toy piano performance at Jack Straw Productions. January 2003  WATCH